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Monday, May 23, 2011

Liars Bench "Smoky Mountain" Anniversary Show at City Lights Saturday June 4

The Liars Bench
“An Authentic Traditional Southern Appalachian Storytelling, Music, Poetry, Dramatic, and Folk Arts Live Variety Show”

Creator Of The Liars Bench Announces Anniversary Show At City Lights Bookstore, Sylva.

On Saturday June 4 at 7pm The Liars Bench returns to City Lights Bookstore venue in Sylva with a "Smoky Mountain Anniversary." This show marks the first anniversary of the Liars Bench.

Gary Carden, creator of the Liars Bench, folklorist and storyteller, and host of the show will take you back to when the people of Sylva and Jackson County experienced the ‘end of the world.’ Lloyd Arneach, Cherokee storyteller, will enthrall the audience with long ago stories of the earliest Americans. Paul Iarussi, just recently featured on national television, entertains as always with his claw hammer guitar and sings old time mountain music.

The Liars Bench creator Dr. Gary Carden said “the Liars Bench is a unique blend of culturally accurate mountain Americana with traditional Southern Appalachian entertainment for everybody. It is quite possible we will have surprise guests—you never know.” This show is one you will not want to miss.”

Regular cast members include Gary Carden, Lloyd Arneach, Paul Iarussi, Dave Waldrop, Steve Brady, and the show’s mascot Bodine. The Liars Bench recognizes established regional artists and performers and encourages new talent also. The Liars Bench has been a crowd pleaser from the very first show in June of 2010 promoting any and all aspects of Appalachian culture.

The Liars Bench was started in the early summer of 2010 by Gary Carden to promote Southern Appalachian storytelling, music, poetry, drama, and folk arts.

Coming in July: “Summer Quarters” at the Mountain Heritage Center at Western Carolina University.

Monday, May 9, 2011

"Planting by the Signs" Liars Bench Show SRO at City Lights!

Last Saturday's "Planting by the Signs" Liars Bench show with special guests Jack Pyle and Taylor Reese was standing room only at City Lights Bookstore in Sylva.

Surprise guests Jim Casada and Jill Gottesman wowed the crowd.
And The Liars Bench regulars worked their magic

Thank you again, loyal fans. Coming Saturday June 4 at 7pm at City Lights Bookstore a "Smoky Mountain Anniversary"  Liars Bench. See you there!

Carl Iobst
Public Relations
The Liars Bench

Monday, May 2, 2011

Saturday May 7 "Planting by the Signs" Liars Bench Show at City Lights Bookstore

Come one, come all to the "Planting by the Signs" Liars Bench show at City Lights Bookstore this Saturday May 7 at 7pm. Storytelling, great old-time music, maybe some mountain poetry, and maybe, just maybe some drama for you theater people. You're going to love it folks.
With special guests, authors and master gardeners Jack Pyle and Taylor Reese!

Hope to see you there!