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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Liars Bench Show at Mountain Heritage Day a Huge Success!

Liars Bench Friends, just wanted you to know that the special showing of The Liars Bench at WCU's Mountain Heritage Day was a huge success!
Here's some of the shots to remind you of the fun that you had (or that you missed) this past Saturday.
Dave and Kathy overseeing the artist's 'wares' table with a full assortment of special edition Liars Bench caps.
Garfield Long was a hit with "Amazing Grace" in Cherokee.
Gary responding to an audience member.
Paul Iarussi doing his claw hammer thing!
Barbara Duncan singing a capella.
Lloyd Arneach telling his enthralling tales.
An intent and
excited, appreciative audience.
Dave Waldrop performing his unique brand of music and humor.

Gary (Oh "Great One") always wows the audience!

A pleased Gary with Bodine--partners in another incredible production  of The Liars Bench.
Thank you Liars Bench Bunch Fans, thank you Media for all the great pre-publicity for The Liars Bench at WCU's Mountain Heritage Day and thank you Pam Meister and Scott Phillyaw.
The Liars Bench next presentation at WCUs Mountain Heritage Center will be Thursday October 20 at 7 pm. Stay tuned for more announcements and updates on The Liars Bench Gazette of WNC's only live, authentic southern Appalachian storytelling, music, poetry, drama, folk arts presentation--The Liars Bench!

The Mountain Heritage Center at WCU: 828.227.7129

Monday, September 19, 2011

Special Showing of The Liars Bench at WCUs Mountain Heritage Day

Folks, Just wanted you to know about the all star line-up playing at a special  Liars Bench show at WCUs Mountain Heritage Day.
On Saturday September 24 at 1:30 pm Western North Carolina's own, The Liars Bench, presents "Our Mountain Heritage" at Western Carolina University's Mountain Heritage Day in the Mountain Heritage Center auditorium (WCU: 828.227.7129). Member artists include:
 Gary Carden and Paul Iarussi,
Lloyd Arneach,
Barbara Duncan, and guest artists
Garfield Long
and Keith Shuler
all come together on one stage to bring the best of mountain culture to festival attendees.

Gary has told anybody who'd listen “I started The Liars Bench because I saw the culture and tradition of my people, the people of the Southern Appalachians, slipping away. I decided to showcase it, keep it alive, and introduce aspects of the old ways to people who might never have heard of it. This special Mountain Heritage Day showing of The Liars Bench may just be the ‘best of the best’ that we’ve presented before the public.”

Our regular cast members include Gary Carden, Lloyd Arneach, Paul Iarussi, Barbara Duncan, Dave Waldrop, Steve Brady, and the show’s mascot Bodine. The Liars Bench recognizes established regional artists and performers and encourages new talent also.

“This will be the fourth presentation of The Liars Bench at the Mountain Heritage Center and the show has been a crowd pleaser from the very first show in June of 2010 promoting any and all aspects of Appalachian culture. There may be ‘mystery’ guests, you’ll just have to come and see,” Gary remarked.

The Liars Bench is a unique blend of culturally accurate mountain Americana with traditional Southern Appalachian entertainment for everyone. We attempt to treat Appalachian culture with integrity and authenticity and to be an accurate reflection of the Southern Highlanders and their ways. No matter how successful the show becomes I want people to know that The Liars Bench is an honest rendering of Appalachian culture and tradition” said Gary.

The Liars Bench was created in the early summer of 2010 by Dr. Gary Carden to promote Southern Appalachian storytelling, music, poetry, drama, and folk arts.

The Liars Bench next presentation at WCUs Mountain Heritage Center will be Thursday October 20 at 7 pm.

The Mountain Heritage Center at WCU: 828.227.7129

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Liars Bench--Three Home Runs in a Row!

Hey Liars Bench fans. Thank all of you for coming out to the MHC last Thursday night. And for those who couldn't make it here's just a little of what you missed.
 The debut of the new Liars Bench logo (Thanks to Nat & Joan Michelson);
Liars Bench caps (courtesy of Dave Waldrop);
Gary wearing new Liars Bench cap;
 Dave and Paul wearing new Liars Bench caps;
Paul opened up with "Knoxville Girl";
Curtis Blanton, famed local "Porch Tales" author, told a story about three hunters in a Church attic with a half gallon of white liquor during a revival.
 The audience loved Curtis' "Tootin' on Gabriel's horn!"
Barbara Duncan's always a hit!
 David Hirt enthralled the audience with stories of Cullowhee from the 1950s and 1960s.
 Gary modeled a new 'look'
 Gary, Curtis, and David Hirt all compare their storytelling honesty level.
Gary told a story about Uncle Frank's last ride.
 Barbara rocked the house with "The Wreck of the Old 97" and "Will the Circle Be Unbroken"
Gary and Curtis, two of the most honest men that I know!
Gary and David hamming it up on The Liars Bench.
Thank you Liars Bench fans! Don't forget, there will be a special showing of The Liars Bench, Saturday September 24 at 1:30pm at WCUs Mountain Heritage Center (227.7129). I do believe that Mountain Heritage Day will never be the same!!!
More photos soon at