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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hot Time at the 9th Annual Franklin Folk Festival!

It was hotter than all get out (in more ways than one) at the 9th Annual Franklin Folk Festival Saturday July 21.
Gary really wowed the crowd (the ones who didn't faint from no air conditioning!)
William Ritter held everyone spellbound with his singing.
William had a little help from a girl singer who came special to perform with him. She was the real deal too.
Paul had a wedding to go to but he recommended some boys that he played with in the Sweet Tater Band...
Ethan Fortner,
Wyatt Messer (he learned to play banjo from the late Benny Messer),
and Ethan's daddy.

The audience loved the "Tuckaseigee Boys."

Ernestine Upchurch, one of our storytellers in training, got up and told a story about Popcorn Sutton buying her a really nice gift with "liquor money."
Gary told the audience about his play and his latest book "Outlander."
Bodine is pretty sure that "Outlander" is coming to a venue soon west of the Balsams--stay tuned!
Despite the heat everybody went away happy.
Stay tuned 'cause we might do an unscheduled show somewhere around the area. The Liars Bench is in the process of working out its Fall schedule and it just might be surprising. There will be some BIG surprises with Gary coming soon also. But Bodine ain't telling ;)!/TheLiarsBench

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Packed House Liars Bench Show At The Macon County Library

Hey Liars Bench fans. We played to a packed house in the 'great room' portion of the Macon County Library last Thursday night and a whole bunch of you loyal Liars Bench Fans were there. Here are some of the shots:
Carl White, Executive Producer and Host of the regional television show, Life in the Carolinas, out of Charlotte was there. As a successful television producer, Carl is always looking for new show material. You may remember that the Liars Bench was featured on Life in the Carolinas this past January.

Thanks to Tracy and Christie, two wonderful Macon County librarians, who made this show happen.

Thank you Liars Bench Fans. You're the greatest!
Coming up Saturday July 21, two BIG Liars Bench Shows at the 9th Annual Franklin Folk Festival in downtown Franklin, NC. Go here for more info on the festival: .
Gary, Lloyd, Paul, and probably a mystery guest or two will be performing at 10:00 am and 1:00 pm above and adjacent to Peebles Department Store. Admission is FREE. Come see us!!/TheLiarsBench

Monday, July 9, 2012

Back For An Encore: Liars Bench Plays Macon County Library

Liars Bench Fans!  Coming up this Thursday July 12 at 7pm your favorite Liars Bench Stars will be at the Macon County Library in Franklin. The show was well-attended last time so please come early.
Admission is Free.
Gary, Lloyd, Paul, Karen, and maybe a mystery guest (or two) will be there for a 'Best Of' show on WNCs only Live, Authentic Traditional Southern Appalachian  Storytelling, Music, Poetry, Drama, and Folk Arts presentation.

Come out and join us. Bodine will be lookin' for you.!/TheLiarsBench