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Monday, August 29, 2011

Folklore, Lies, and Tall Tales Coming to the Mountain Heritage Center

The Liars Bench show "Folklore, Lies, and Tall Tales" is coming Thursday September 1 at 7pm to WCUs Mountain Heritage Center (227.7129).
Special guests for this presentation are:
Local author and storyteller Curtis Blanton with some of his famous Porch tales!
From Stone Mountain Georgia, David Hirt, Dramatist and master storyteller tells stories he first heard at his Uncle Gordon's knee.
Dr. Gary Carden, The Liars Bench creator and artistic director, Brown-Hudson Folklore Award winner, will host the show and never fails to bring down the house with poignant, entertaining stories.
Lloyd Arneach, Cherokee master storyteller, will tell stories of the time before.

Paul Iarussi, founding member of the "Sweet Tater Band", old-time claw hammer guitar and traditional mountain singer.

Dr. Barbara Duncan, Brown-Hudson Folklore Award winner, recites her own Southern Appalachian poetry and sings haunting traditional and new (CD: "Music Says Go") ballads.

William Ritter, proficient on the guitar, banjo, and fiddle; William sings ancient ballads and modern bluegrass for your entertainment.
Bodine, accused cat killer (since exonerated), currently The Liars Bench official mascot, will be looking for you Thursday September 1 at 7pm at WCUs Mountain Heritage Center auditorium.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Liars Bench--On the Road, in the Rear View Mirror

Thank you for your patience Liars Bench fans. This week has been busy what with working on a Liars Bench logo,

future show planning (two BIG shows in September--more on that shortly!)
and, darn,
I almost forgot our "On the Road" show Thursday evening at the Macon County Public Library.
Gary told one of his signature stories "Mason Jars in the Flood" which is about Gary's role in the flood of 1940 here in Jackson County.
Barbara Duncan sang "Pretty Polly", an old ballad warning young women of lustful, murderous men. Barbara recited one of her original poems from her 1999 book "Crossing Cowee Mountain." And she sang a song about Junaluska from her latest CD "Music Says Go."
Keith Shuler, who lives on Buff Creek in Jackson County, sang several original songs, one about a bunch of stray dogs and Nance Dude. "Smoky Mountain Days," the title cut from one of Keith's CDs.
Dave Waldrop sang a song about a steel mill in Reardon West Virginia--"Are They Really Going to Shut the Steel Mill Down?"

Judging from the audience and their reactions I believe that the folks in Franklin and Macon County like us.

Don't worry. We'll be back--Bodine insists on it!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Liars Bench--On the Road

Ladies and Gentlemen. The Liars Bench heads back onto the road for a one-night-stand at the Macon County Library in Franklin North Carolina this Thursday August 25 at 7pm.
The special guest for this show will be singer/song writer Keith Shuler.
Liars Bench show creator/artistic director Gary Carden will tell "Mason Jars in the Flood."
Guitarist, writer, singer, and poet Barbara Duncan will sing songs from her new CD "Music Says Go."
Humorist, author, and singer Dave Waldrop will sing songs and tell tales of our Southern Mountains.

Bodine will be lookin' for you. Come early for a good seat!
Coming very soon--"Folklore, Lies, & Tall Tales"
Stay tuned!

Monday, August 8, 2011

"Cherokee in a Changing World" was BIG!

Folks, we apologize for not getting you a recap sooner. We've been working on several marketing projects to make the show bigger, better, and more well-known here in WNC and the Southeast. Simply put, last Thursday night's Liars Bench at Western Carolina University's Mountain Heritage Center was even bigger than our first show. Here’s the photos:
A painting of the "Booger Dance"

Garfield Long, a Cherokee Gospel singer kicked off the night with "Amazing Grace," in both English and Cherokee.

Paul Iarussi sang a great old-time tune about "Handsome Molly."

Gary Carden and Lloyd Arneach did a 'tag-team' story on white tourists and the Nunnihi.

Paul sang a murder ballad, "Down in the Garden."

Jane Eastman, Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Director of Cherokee Studies gave an interesting talk with slides on the Cherokee village that came before Cullowhee and WCU.

Davy Arch, master Cherokee mask carver, presented many Cherokee ceremonial masks and talked about the "Booger" dance.
                                                 Some of the masks used in Cherokee rituals

Barbara McRae, Editor of the Franklin Press, helped us to understand what William Bartram may have seen at the Nikwasi mound located in the present day Franklin.

Barbara Duncan, one of the members of The Liars Bench performed original songs from her new album "Music Says Go."

Robert Conley, Sequoyah Distinguished Professor of Cherokee Studies, read a story about Cherokees in Oklahoma attempting to make-off with a plastic statue of Hiawatha.

The audience loved it.

Bodine and the rest of the Liars Bench Bunch thank you for supporting The Liars Bench, WNCs only live, authentic traditional storytelling, music, poetry, drama, folk arts presentation!

Coming in September; "Folklore, Lies, and Tall tales" on Thursday September 1 at 7pm at the MHC (227.7129) and, drum-roll please, Mountain Heritage Day. Please check back for updates on our performers and more detailed information on our coming show dates. Thank you Liars Bench Bunch fans.
More photos at