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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"An Old Time Appalachian Christmas With Randy Flack" Is Smash Hit"

Folks, if you missed the Liars Bench Show last Thursday night at WCUs Mountain Heritage Center you missed the best one of the year. We managed to persuade Nashville recording artist Randy Flack to guest star for us and wow, did he put on a great performance! More on Randy in a bit.
As always, Dr. Gary Carden, the creator and artistic director of the show, made announcements regarding upcoming Liars Bench Shows. He graciously thanked everyone involved in the show in the past year.
Dr. Gary Carden-creator & artistic director of the Liars Bench.
Gary showed an excellent four minute video produced by Joe Newberry (formerly of NC Cultural Arts) which was first shown in Raleigh at the end of October at the ceremony at the governor's mansion where governor Perdue presented Gary with the 2012 NC Award for Literature.
Liars bench star Paul Iarussi plays claw hammer guitar.
Paul kicked the show off with "Put my little shoes away" and yes, it had lyrics about Santa Claus and toys.
Lloyd Arneach, Liars Bench star.
Lloyd Arneach, Liars Bench Cherokee storyteller and famous in his own right  told the Navaho story of "For you."
Gary 'testifies' to the veracity of 'First Footers.'
Gary told about the New Year's custom of observing "First Footers" here in the mountains and the also the ancient custom of "serenading." Gary explained just why mountain folks made noise and lit fires "coming up to New Years."
Liars Bench fans
Randy Flack.
If you don't know this man, you should because he's as local as they come. Born over in Buncombe County (before it got 'weird') and raised in Swain County, Randy Flack has played the Grand Old Opry and the Blue Bird Cafe in Nashville Tennessee.
Gary told a quick story while the 'mileage' basket was passed about the very ancient myth of how the farmers animals would talk to each other and predict what would happen in the coming year.
When the audience came back from intermission Lloyd told a story about "Giving without giving" and the crowd loved it.
Lloyd Arneach, with the crowd in the 'palm of his hand'
 When Randy Flack came back for the second half of the show he did "Fried Chicken," a song about a father's funeral; "I wish that I could go back," a song about growing up on Deep Creek; and a song about jumping out of an airplane, among several others--great stuff! You better believe he got a standing ovation.
Liars Bench fans give Randy Flack a standing ovation.

Paul and Randy sing a duet.

Paul sang "Christmas times a coming" with a little help from Randy--wonderful duet.
Thank you as always Liars Bench fans. You make it all worth while.
Bodine the Liars Bench mascot looks forward to seeing you in the New Year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Mail cards & letters to PO Box 114, Cullowhee, NC 28723

Thursday, December 6, 2012

"An Old Time Appalachian Christmas With Randy Flack" Liars Bench Show To Play MHC

“An Old Time Appalachian Christmas With Randy Flack” Liars Bench To Play At WCU Mountain Heritage Center.”
The Liars Bench is proud to present “An Old Time Appalachian Christmas with Randy Flack” at WCUs Mountain Heritage Center auditorium Thursday December 13 at 7:00 pm. Member stars Gary Carden, Lloyd Arneach, Paul Iarussi; Barbara Duncan and guest star Randy Flack perform Southern Appalachian stories, music and song on one stage. You and your family are cordially invited. Free admission.

Flack, born in WNC and raised in Swain County, is a Nashville recording artist and has performed at the Grand Ole Opry and the Blue Bird Cafe. He learned to play guitar and sing at an early age and has traveled all over the United States performing his own songs and delighting audiences. “I love to play and perform, especially for folks here in the mountains, my home.”

“About Randy you'll just have to hear him and you'll understand—he's unique” said Carden

Regular cast members include Gary Carden, Lloyd Arneach, Paul Iarussi, Barbara Duncan, and the show’s mascot Bodine. The Liars Bench recognizes established regional artists and performers and encourages new talent also.

The Liars Bench is a unique blend of culturally accurate mountain Americana with traditional Southern Appalachian entertainment for everyone. We attempt to treat Appalachian culture with integrity and authenticity and to be an accurate reflection of the Southern Highlanders and their ways. No matter how successful the show becomes I want people to know that The Liars Bench is an honest rendering of Appalachian culture and tradition” said Carden.

The Liars Bench was created in the early summer of 2010 by Dr. Gary Carden, recipient of the 2006Brown-Hudson Folklore Award and the 2012 North Carolina Award forLiterature to promote Southern Appalachian storytelling, music, poetry, drama, and folk arts.
Folks, Bodine and the rest of the Liars Bench cast hope to see you there.!/TheLiarsBench
The Mountain Heritage Center at WCU: 828.227.7129

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

"Birdell" Critical Success at MHC

Bobbie Curtis as 'Birdell Tolley'
Gary Carden's play "Birdell" was a critically acclaimed success Thursday November 15 at WCUs Mountain Heritage Center. Here are some the shots from that night:
Paul Iarussi performs "Five Feet High and Rising"

Bobbie Curtis brings Liars Bench audience to tears

2012 NC Award for Literature recipient Dr. Gary Carden

A standing ovation for "Birdell"

Paul performs "Red Rocking Chair" to send us home
Bobbie Curtis as "Birdell" brought the audience to tears and laughs--Bobbie performed brilliantly a most excellently written (and directed) play.
A very special thanks to Dave Waldrop for authentic props.
Coming up, the next Liars Bench Show, "An Old Time Appalachian Christmas With Randy Sparks", Thursday December 13 at 7pm at the Mountain Heritage Center. More on this soon...!/TheLiarsBench
The Mountain Heritage Center at WCU: 828.227.7129