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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Anniversary Liars Bench Show a Huge Success!

The first anniversary show of The Liars Bench Saturday night at City Lights Bookstore was a huge success.

Playing before a packed house Paul Iarussi had everyone tapping their toes and clapping their hands with "Willy Poor Boy" and "The Long Black Veil."

Lloyd Arneach, who's been with us from the beginning, really entertained the audience with his "Bear who walked like a man" story and his short offering about his daughter's dog chasing people on a bicycle (not really).
Steve Brady did a humorous sketch on Swan Lake.

 Our creator and executive producer, Gary Carden kept everyone in their seats, smiling, and wanting more from his signature story, "Blow the Tannery Whistle," a story about the end of the world on November 28, 1940 in Jackson County.

 Dave Waldrop finished up The Liars Bench first anniversary show with "Sweet Country Music."

The staff of the Liars Bench would like to give a big thanks to performers who have played on the show this past year: Lloyd Arneach, Glenda Beall, Tom Bennett, Steve Brady and Family, David Brewin, Kay Byer, Gary Cardin, Jim Casada, Marvin Cole, Barbara Duncan, Perry Eury, Jill Gottesman, Paul Iarussi, Marion Jones, Saundra Kelley, Eric Legge, Marie Lehigh, Brent Martin, Victoria Casey McDonald, Benny Messer, Jack Parris, Jack Pyle, Taylor Reese, John Quinnett, Nancy Reeder, William Ritter, Newt Smith, Smoky Mountain Choral Ensemble, Dave Waldrop.
And an even Bigger thanks to our sponsors: City Lights Bookstore, Jarrett House, Bill Lee, Melrose, Seago, and Lay, P.A., Joan and Nathan Mickleson, Mountain Heritage Center, Signature Coffee, Stansberry Insurance, Edna Waldrop, Chris Wilcox, Hoopers Restaurant.
Of course the biggest thanks of all goes to you, our loyal fans. Without you none of this could have happened.
See you Thursday July 7, 7:00pm at the Mountain Heritage Center for "On the Wings of a Snow-white Dove."
Carl Iobst
Public Relations
The Liars Bench

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