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Monday, February 20, 2012

Successful "Coy" Liars Bench Delights Audience

Friends, we hope you were at the Mountain Heritage Center last Thursday night because The Liars Bench Bunch out performed themselves.
Paul Iarussi and Eric Young opened the show with an old-time song called "The Grandfather Clock." Paul had been playing the song for years as an instrumental and just learned the lyrics the night of the show.

Lloyd Arneach told a very scary story about the "Great Leech", a terrible monster in the Valley River near Murphy.
Rising Liars Bench star William Ritter sang a ghost story ballad called "Lady Margaret", much to the audience's approval.

Karen Barnes, accompanied by Dave McGill, sang a great up-tempo jazzy-type song called "Satan is Busy in Knoxville."

The centerpiece of last Thursday's Liars Bench (and the encore show to come next Thursday February 23) was "Coy",

a dramatic monologue played to great applause by Haywood County dramatist Tom Dewees, about a young mountain man faced with his grandfather's (and his own) mortality and the magical way that he deals with it.

Tom Dewees played a very convincing "Coy." The audience loved him.
Lloyd Arneach told a story about Chief Ten Bears on the set of "Dances With Wolves" and the Native-American actors who were the first modern Indians to "ride with the buffalo."
William and Eric each played a solo.
Karen Barnes sang a Stephen Foster song "Hard Times."
Friends, we want to thank each and everyone of you who were able to make it out to the Mountain Heritage Center last Thursday night. Please tell your family, friends, and acquaintances about the Liars Bench "Coy" Encore show this coming Thursday February 23 at 7:00 pm at the Mountain Heritage Center. Tickets are now available at City Lights Bookstore in Sylva and will  be available at the door the night of the show.!/TheLiarsBench
The Mountain Heritage Center at WCU: 828.227.7129
City Lights Bookstore 586.9499 
Coming in March "The Balsam Chronicles", the beginning of a series of culturally and historically significant shows about Jackson and the surrounding counties of Western North Carolina. You will be amazed at all the interesting things that have gone on in your back yard!

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