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Monday, April 16, 2012

"Hangman, Hangman Slack Your Rope"

Coming this Thursday at 7:00 pm at the Mountain Heritage Center--the Liars Bench is proud to present the second in a series of "Balsam Chronicles"
"Hangman, Hangman Slack Your Rope"

Free Admission!
Supported in part by a grant from the Grassroots Arts Program of the Jackson County Arts Council and the North Carolina Arts Council, the Liars Bench Show presents the compelling story of the circumstances of Jack Lambert being 'framed' for the murder of Dick Wilson, convicted, and unjustly executed in the last legal hanging in Swain County in 1886.

Dr. Gary Carden, Creator and Artistic Director of The Liars Bench Show said “hangings were a relative rarity in Appalachia. You would think from folklore and myth that it was just happening all the time. People came as if it was just dinner on the ground or a picnic. There's seems to have always been a confusion in people's minds as to whether hangings were a deterrent or entertainment. With this show, “Hangman, Hangman Slack Your Rope” there will be revelations—there will be a surprise ending!”

In addition to Liars Bench creator, host, and famous storyteller Gary Carden; Liars Bench also Stars Lloyd Arneach, the master Cherokee storyteller; 

Paul Iarussi, claw-hammer guitar specialist & nationally known old-time muscian co-Stars; 

William Ritter, vocalist and musician (and 'boy wonder') co-Stars; 

and special guest Star, singer/songwriter Karen Barnes. The April 19 performance will also feature descendants of both Dick Wilson and Jack Lambert.
Among the folklore of the Appalachians to be presented on this special show are the stories of John Hardy, Tom Dula, Jack Lambert, Dick Wilson and Cherokee myths and legends of figures who sacrificed themselves for the Cherokee people.
During the past year, Carden has designed and directed a series of shows that dealt with Cherokee history and culture; religious music, Jack Tales, and myths and legends. After a show from last October was recently featured on the regional television program Life in the Carolinas, both the performers and the staff of the Liars Bench became convinced that the show should move toward becoming a significant voice in defining and preserving the region's culture. This decision was confirmed by the cover story publication in a WNC newspaper (Smoky Mountain News) recently of Carden and his creation, The Liars Bench show.

Recently, The Liars Bench, in conjunction with the Mountain Heritage Center, developed a grant proposal that was funded by the Jackson County Arts Council. “This grant has given us the resources to develop programs that deal with topics such as Dr. John R. Brinkley, the hanging of Jack Lambert, and the historical basis for the belief that Abraham Lincoln was born here. We continue to do this with storytelling, music, poetry and drama.” The story of Dick Wilson and Jack Lambert is the second “Balsam Chronicles” presentation. For additional information, call the Mountain Heritage Center at 828.227.7129.

The North Carolina Arts Council works to make North Carolina The Creative State where a robust arts industry produces a creative economy, vibrant communities, children prepared for the 21st century and lives filled with discovery and learning. The Arts Council accomplishes this in partnership with artists and arts organizations, other organizations that use the arts to make their communities stronger and North Carolinians-young and old-who enjoy and participate in the arts. The Arts Council is a division of the Department of Cultural Resources.
Bodine says "Hope to see you'uns there. Its gonna be great--woof!"!/TheLiarsBench

The Mountain Heritage Center at WCU: 828.227.7129

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