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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

SRO For Second Liars Bench Show of the Fall 2012 Season!

Liars Bench fans what a start (not counting Mountain Heritage Day) for the Fall 2012 season!
We were packing them in the aisles.
Gary told a short ghost story about a fortune teller and a dog to a young audience member (she was spell bound).
Paul sang a song, the "Long White Veil", about a woman in a graveyard.

Lloyd told a spooky story about the "Lady in the Curve." By the way, Lloyd still has the shawl that the ghostly apparition left in his truck!!!
The main event--our Guest Star, Dot Jackson--former columnist, novelist (Dot's novel "Refuge" is available on Amazon--, and Southern Appalachian storyteller put on a tremendous show.
Dot told a bunch of ghost stories, including "The Old Woman at Table Rock State Park" and "The Long-Nose Big Ear People".
The audience loved it.
Liars Bench regulars and rising Stars The Boys From Tuckasegee--Ethan Fortner, Wyatt Messer, and his daddy Russell, put on a great show. They played great songs such as "Flint Hill Special" and "The Old Woman in the Graveyard."
Paul Iarussi, Liars Bench regular and Star, wrapped the show with "Katy Dew."
And you, the Liars Bench Show fans, were the best part.
As always, from Gary and the rest of the crew of the Liars Bench--Thank You Liars  Bench fans and thank you to the staff of the MHC for providing the Liars Bench with a great home for 2012-2013!
Ruff, ruff (Bodine says thanks too).!/TheLiarsBench
The Mountain Heritage Center at WCU: 828.227.7129

More info coming soon on ticket availability (when, where, and how much) for the Thursday November 15 7pm "Birdell" Liars Bench Show at the MHC! Stay tuned.

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