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Monday, July 18, 2011

Liars Bench "Breaks a Leg" at Franklin Folk Festival

Folks, the Liars Bench does it again at the Franklin Folk Festival!
Creator and artistic director Gary Cardin, 
old-time music rising star Paul Iarussi of The Sweet tater Band,
Lloyd Arneach, probably the greatest living Cherokee story teller,
and Dave Waldrop, Jackson County's own, almost famous singer/song writer 
 all entertained and thrilled the crowds this past Saturday at the long-running Franklin Folk Festival.

What we didn't expect was the many fans willing to climb the steep steps to the second floor stage where we were performing--but they did.
Wherever I looked there were smiling, happy faces.

As always, you the loyal Liars Bench fans make the show what it is--WNCs only authentic, traditional Southern Appalachian storytelling, music, poetry, dramatic, folk art, live variety show--a cultural and entertainment phenomenon.
Thank you so very much.
Coming Thursday August 4 at 7pm at WCUs Mountain Heritage Center auditorium (828-227-7129) 
the Liars Bench presents the theme "Cherokee in a Changing World." Possible presentations include storytelling, music and discussion with such topics as the Nikwasi Mound, the meaning of "The Booger Dance" and the Legend of the Nunnihi. We are hoping to lure some Cherokee notables including Robert Conley, former Chief Robert Youngdeer and author Barbara McRae who wrote a definitive pamphlet on the Nikwasi Mound. If time permits and folks are forthcoming, we may include a discussion of Margaret Siler's book about the Cherokees who once lived in Macon County....and we are hoping to have a Cherokee quartet. As always be prepared for a mystery guest or two. See you there!
The Liars Bench Bunch
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