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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Update on "Cherokee in a Changing World"

The Liars Bench
"An Authentic, Traditional Southern Appalachian Storytelling, Music, Poetry, Drama, Folk arts Live Presentation”

Coming Thursday August 4 at 7pm at WCUs Mountain Heritage Center auditorium (828-227-7129) The Liars Bench presents the theme "Cherokee in a Changing World." Lloyd Arneach and Gary Carden will tell a story about the Legend of the Nunnihi/When the Tourist Came and Paul Iarussi plays his great old-time claw hammer guitar music.

Our special guests will be Barbara McRae of the Franklin Press presenting the mysteries of the Nikwasi mound on the Little Tennessee river; Jane Eastman, Director of Cherokee studies at WCU, with a presentation on the Cherokee village at WCU; Davy Arch with a presentation on the Booger Dance and other Cherokee ceremonial dances; and Robert Conley, holder of the Sequoyah Distinguished Professor chair in Cherokee Studies at WCU, presents “Cherokee in a Changing World."

If we have time we may include a discussion of Margaret Siler’s book about the Cherokees who lived in Macon County before the Europeans came.
This presentation of The Liars Bench may prove to be the most informative and entertaining show that we have had since our beginning in June of 2010. As always be prepared for a surprise guest or two. We hope you’ll be there and bring a friend!

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