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Thursday, January 12, 2012

"Wild Mountain Music" at WCUs Mountain Heritage Center

The Liars Bench
Stories of the Southern Appalachians
A Live, Authentic Traditional Southern Appalachian Storytelling, Music, Poetry, Drama, and Folk Arts Presentation”

Ladies and Gents, as promised we're back, and in a BIG way. On Thursday January 19 at 7:00 pm The Liars Bench presents “Wild Mountain Music” at WCUs Mountain Heritage Center auditorium. Member artists Gary Carden, Lloyd Arneach, Barbara Duncan, Paul Iarussi; special guest artists Laurence Holden and Eric Young; plus an “exciting collection of new entertainers” performing Southern Appalachian story, song, and poetry on one stage.

Regular cast members include Gary Carden, Lloyd Arneach, Paul Iarussi, Barbara Duncan, Dave Waldrop, and the show’s mascot Bodine. The Liars Bench recognizes established regional artists and performers and encourages new talent also.

The Liars Bench is a unique blend of culturally accurate mountain Americana with traditional Southern Appalachian entertainment for everyone. We attempt to treat Appalachian culture with integrity and authenticity and to be an accurate reflection of the Southern Highlanders and their ways. No matter how successful the show becomes I want people to know that The Liars Bench is an honest rendering of Appalachian culture and tradition” said Carden.

Ernestine Upchurch, a local proponent of Southern Appalachian culture and folkways has said about the Liars Bench, “I think that the Liars Bench presents a real variety of life and folklore in the mountains as we knew and enjoyed it. It’s truly about mountain people and their ways.” The Liars Bench was created in the early summer of 2010 by Dr. Gary Carden to promote Southern Appalachian storytelling, music, poetry, drama, and folk arts.

The next presentation of The Liars Bench at WCUs Mountain Heritage Center will be Thursday February 16 at 7 pm. Coming soon “The Balsam Chronicles.”!/TheLiarsBench

The Mountain Heritage Center at WCU: 828.227.7129

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