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Sunday, January 22, 2012

"Wild Mountain Music" Liars Bench Show Blows The Audience Away

Last Thursday night at WCUs Mountain Heritage Center the Liars Bench Show member artists Gary Carden, Lloyd Arneach, Paul Iarussi; special guest artists Laurence Holden and Eric Young; plus an “exciting collection of new entertainers” (including multi-talented William Ritter) performed Southern Appalachian story, song, and poetry on one star-studded stage.
The audience sang "Happy Birthday" to a visibly touched Gary.
Eric Young and Paul Iarussi kicked off the show with a duet.
Lloyd Arneach, famous Cherokee storyteller, told a story about a giant hawk who took children from their villages. The Cherokee prayed to the Creator and He destroyed the giant hawk in a furious fire/storm which created the balds we know today.
 Laurence Holden from Rabun County Georgia performed "Shall We Gather at the River," a poem about the Chattahoochee with Marie Dunkle accompanying him on cello.

William Ritter played one of Aunt Samantha's (Jackson County native) songs called "Goin' to Italy" (Swain County).
 Jill Gottesman, who works at the Wilderness Society office in Sylva, performed "I Truly Understand," an old time tune of 'floating verse.'

Gary "depressed the audience a little bit" with a story about "Rogues Cove" (Rhodes Cove) were he grew up and his Grandmother 'training' him to keep her out of the nursing home.

Eric Young and the "Youngin's" played their second Liars Bench (first was at Rickmans store in December of 2011).
Liz Nance, from Bryson City, performed "Enjoyed the Ride," a song about teenagers and getting into trouble.
Marie Dunkle performed a Scottish jig as a Birthday tribute to Scottish poet Robert Burns.

Paul Iarussi took us home with "Pictures from life's other side."
Gary told us about his five plays to be produced at HART in Waynesvile later this month.

Liars Bench audiences are the best in the world.
We at the Liars Bench want to thank you for supporting us--WNCs only live, authentic traditional Southern Appalachian storytelling, music, poetry, drama, folk arts presentation.
Coming up, the next presentation of The Liars Bench at WCUs Mountain Heritage Center will be Thursday February 16 at 7 pm. As a center piece of the show look for one of Gary's plays "Coy" to be presented. Coming soon “The Balsam Chronicles.”!/TheLiarsBench
Bodine says "hey, hope to see you'ins soon."
More photos on FaceBook shortly.

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